Saturday, 15 May 2010

Just cleaned the tank and done my eyebrows, which was an emergency lol, and now I'm gonna jump in the shower and get ready to meet Johanna for lunch. Don't think I have time for the hairdresser today tho =(

Last night btw I spend with an other Swedish friend here, Nina who I came to London with.
We were supposed to go and rent a movie, and when we got there we needed some sort of proof of address and that sh*t, so we went back home (which is just like 10 min), and back again with an old bill she had, but of course it was to old to be accepted, and she did not have anything else. We were so annoyed and angry that he could not have told us, tho I could control my anger lol. So we went to Westfield instead and bought a movie. It was Grudge 2, original. To me that is one of the scariest movies I know, same as The Ring. There's something about Japanese people and their movies lol.
Well well, I left her house at 00.30am, and was so tired and just got straight to bed.

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