Sunday, 30 May 2010

Sundays news

So I have finally done my 2nd test of my course. Feel so good that this one is over.
Don't know why it took so long time, well ok, I was a bit lazy this time around. Something I am definitely gonna learn to the next session. Just gonna wait for the result and then I am of to the next. Horses! :)

I've decided to move to Australia btw!
It's been in my minds for a while. Before London actually, but I wanted to start with something small and easy. But I feel now I've done London. I need sun, and fresh air and other people. I also think Australia has more to offer when it comes to my career, animals!
So gonna start to plan now, since it takes a while. Have to finish my life here first as I say, and then there's visa, I have to make some money first... well well, we'll get to that. Maybe just visit someone there first to see what the fuss is all about.

Gonna sleep now, really tired.

Over and out

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