Saturday, 15 May 2010

A noon post

I was actually up early this morning. Well I woke up 5.30am cause some idiot (like always) is shouting outside. Had my alarm on 8.30am since I don't want to sleep for to long.
Have a lot I want to do this weekend, and since Johanna is working all weekend and Nikki's got her mum here, I have to do it all alone. Well well I can mange.

          • I need a haircut. My hair is not to bad but it was about 4 months since the last time i had one, and I am trying to maintain it and get regularly haircuts.

          Don't know yet what to do for colors tho. Either do blond highlights since it will be easier now I don't have any colors in my hair, do it really dark brown which will really bring out my blue eyes more, or just leave as it is. Love the idea that it's untouched and natural. Eventually I want in a really nice dark red color, like burgundy.

          Which one!

          It's a bit lighter then this that I have now

          Really dunno... well it will come I guess. Now for the summer guess it will be a bit bleached by the sun. (what sun?)

          • I'm also in a need of a back and neck massage. As hard as I work no wonders lol.

          • Need to continue my studies and finish my next session and test.

          • Also catch up with my project that's been laying on the side for a while.

          • Clean the fish tank, the poor bastards.

          To day I'm also gonna fit in a lunch with Johanna =)

          Talk latha


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