Saturday, 29 May 2010

This just in!

Good afternoon my fellow citizens.

It's a god thing I don't have to speak or talk these posts I am writing, as I have barely had any voice this week.
It started last week Friday, I felt a soar throat was coming up, and since I was out both Saturday and Sunday, it didn't really help.
Omg Monday I sounded like... I don't know.. someone at work said I sounded like Gollum. You know the little creature from Lord of the rings? Nice. At least I did or don't look like him.
You know I kind of enjoy having a little horsey voice (strange I know, but I am strange so no excuses there), sometimes it make you sound sexy you know. But this week was not that sometimes! It would have been fine if I wasn't at work. I really struggled. Since I preferably have to talk to people all day, I felt bad when I didn't.
I never really fell ill or had a sour throat, I just had no voice, but as soon the voice got better I started to feel a bit more ill, and now I have a minor cold with a stuffed nose and a bad cough...

Work colleagues

Any who...

Last night me and Nikki went to a impulsive midnight movie, and watched A nightmare on Elm st. Remember it from when I was young (or youngER lol) when my brother and sister used to watch it, but it was to scary for me at the time. Tho it was very scary while I was watching it and really jumped a few times (on woman screamed out loud once, and no it was not me nor Nikki). If it would have been a few years back, I would have been terrified also after the movie, but I have learned to control my fright. I am more relaxed now.

Now I did sleep in Nikki's bed, but that has nothing to do with it. I mean, we've planned that for a long time....... ;)

So, today I have just been in bed, but, I have been studying and I think, well I should, be finished with my next session and test this weekend (we'll see about that rebecca huh?).

Johanna has become ill now, she has the flue, and the good person and friend that I am, I have been buying her food and making some for her. Apparently it's very contagious, so we'll see how this will end for me. But as I said to her "I don't mind". lol.

Don't know what else there is to say... sure there is loads more, I just can't remember it all now. You know there is just so much going on in my life and so many people involved, is hard to keep up the track you know!


Over and out


Anonymous said...

Dear Reb,

I found you blog very amusing indeed!

But to be honest found my self going back and forward as more characters come into play!

How about a genealogical tree? could be fun as you get to know people! you could also add comments on them?
or even create a fictional like me?!
perhaps link them to a special par of your days? or erase them from a particular one and replace them with other?

Hope i made sense though I kind of doubt it :s

Keep them posts coming!


Extra extra read all about it said...

not sure what you mean... but im glad you found it amusing :)

Keep them visits coming!