Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Wow, all I gave you Sunday was a Good morning? Mhm... didn't write the whole day.
Well I was of to meet my cousin from Sweden who was here very quickly, and her 2 friends.
We grabbed a nice bite at a Mexican place in Notting Hill, got so stuffed and then headed down Portobello where I did not found anything, but they bought some paintings.
It started to piss down (rain lol) so we called it a day and I headed home.

Planned on having a nice early night in, but Johanna convinced me on going out to Boujis. Can never really say no to that place, especially when I start late the day after.
But It was such a fun night. It was me, Johanna, Karolina and Elin, and of course Hamid.
I danced my pants of haha. Well at least Johanna pulled them of lol.. had a few drinks as well.
I love having a laugh in the cab on our way home. We always almost scream and shout nonsense at each other, love it!

Well it's already Tuesday and I hope this week goes as quick as the last one.

Me and Johanna just watched a movie, "Music and lyrics", it's very funny actually, but I got very tired now so think I'm gonna hit the bed. Start late tomorrow so will get a little lay in =)

Might come back later tonight


P.s a very nice lullaby

This tune was dedicated to a girl who was murdered in my neighborhood in Sweden.


d_h_j_goodman said...

Wow great blog - keep up the olde posts :]

I'll be sure to check back1

Extra extra read all about it said...

Thank you. I try to keep it up =)