Sunday, 2 May 2010

The Sunday news

Just got home from dinner at Tinseltown with the girls from work. Was a birthday dinner x2, for me and a girl from work.

They have amazing milkshakes there. I am so stuffed and full right now. Had a big Hawaiian burger as well.
When we were finished and everything was pretty much done, they had an announcement at their tv screens saying there was someones birthday, and all of a sudden they are coming with 2 big ice creme dessert things and a Oscar statuette!! I was so blown away and surprised. Thought they were for someone else.
Thank you for a amazing night!

To day I got up at about noon and had a fast breakfast and headed for Argos to buy a lamp for the fishes who hasn't seen proper lighting, poor bastards. I even cleaned the tack today, that was something. Felt so sorry for them when they had to be in a saucepan whilst the water was getting ready. But it's fresh and clean now and they can see =)
I've even put the red roses I got from the Tesco people for my birthday on my nightstand, so it looks pretty now.

Right now I am so tired and really wanna sleep, but that only means I eventually have to get up and go to work, but I don't start until 12 tomorrow so have a little lay in =)

Don't think there is anything more to say... the fishes are playing in the tank btw, and moving around the stones, maybe they don't like my decoration, mhm.

Over and out

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