Saturday, 1 May 2010

These are the few of my favorite things

Morning folks!
Started my day by turing on the computer. Love laying early in the morning and just browsing around and you don't have anywere to go, like work...

But still have plans. Gonna hit the Westfield with no more less then Johanna. Wanna buy some outfits and shoes for the weekend as I am going out with Nikki tonight and tomorrow with all the other girls. You know, to celebrate myself lol, and of course cause it's bank holiday.

Just saw the time and it's not as early as I thought, but I woke up at 9am.
Gonna eat some breakfast now, since Johanna has been banging on my door and screaming my name to come with her, lol. I am really hungry...

Btw, it's a shame I can't upload Aguilera's new video Not myself tonight, as it's really good and raw and fresh, love that! But you can always check out the link I posted.


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