Thursday, 23 August 2012

Axxell, Brusaby

Welcome back!
Not much has been going on really.. untill now!
I've left my home in England for Finland and school. I now study to become a veterinary nurse, or an animal carer at clinics. It's a 1 and a half year education. (I feel I don't have any flow when I'm writing).

It's only been my first week (started tuesday) and we are aready off tomorrow, and since we've been selected into different groups for when we "work" at the schools own vet clinic and my group wont have clinic until 2 weeks, I'm off on monday aswell. Most of my classmates have gone home for the weekend as they live just a couple of hours away so I am all alone for 4 days! I'm sure I can find something to do.
Go for runs, try out their gym (?), clean the house, get a hair cut, run some errands in the centrum.

Here's some pictures I've taken so far of the place:

I've rearranged as this didn't really work for me

 Out on a walk

The school from a distance

The puppy kennel (assistant dogs in progress)

Over and out
xx Rebecca

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