Thursday, 30 August 2012

Axxell, Brusaby

I've decided to get myself a massage at the gym up the road. I'm in a desperate need of one. I mean like a proper hard one where they will undo my knots and wanna feel how they almost break it lol. My shoulders always hurts, my back hurts in any position that I'm standing in and I'm trying to sit correctly. Also asked about the gym which I am considering joining, we'll see..

Today after our one lesson that finished by lunchtime we went and got some cleaning products for our house and I was meant to go to the office to sort out some papers for my student grant as it's so hard and complicated to get some money! They were not there anyway.

Me and L. just came back from he gym asking about the massage and now thinking if I should go out for a long walk. It's really nice weather now, sunny and warm.


Over and out

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