Wednesday, 29 August 2012

We been very good with making dinner being here. We been making tacos, spaghetti bolognese, rice with chicken wok and tonight we just had soup with vegetables, potatoes and sausages. I got very hot eating that, like I been working out or something lol.
I haven't really been going for runs or walks this week. I guess it's easier when you're alone and you have nothing else to do really, but I will try and go for a short walk tonight. It's been quiet rainy and cold lately but tonight the sun came out.

Today after we finished by lunchtime I came home had something to eat and then took a nap. I love taking naps when you're tired middle of the day. You feel so fresh and rested afterwards. I had one yesterday as well. I get so tired during class, don't know why.
Today we learned about disinfection and how to clean all the tools you use at operations and such.

More interesting pictures to be continued..

Over and out

P.s I feel so much better today for those interested minds D.s.

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