Friday, 31 August 2012

This just in!

I just looked at the time and were suprised how early it is. Since we finished at lunch I've went to the office and got my papers I needed and went to centrum to post a letter.

Today we learned how to wash our hands lol. Well in a proper way and how to put on gloves and robes when being in the operation room and assisting. Next Wednesday she said to have a practical text where we are meant to show how to do everything she's gone though.

Now we're off all weekend. Might sound regular and normal to most of you but I haven't had a proper weekend off since I can't remember, well apart from last weekend lol. It's how it should be.

Not much been going on..
Got a not so happy phone call last night from my dad, so I might have to (or want to) go home in the upcoming weeks for some family matters =( I was not meant to go home until Christmas otherwise.. Sorry don't wanna go much in to it.

Talk latha

Old pics from my days in London (now I'm old and grey lol)

Over and out

Finnish time 16.12

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