Sunday, 26 August 2012

Just got back from supermarket and got some bits and bobs, like some much needed sweets and other crap lol.
Wonder if that trip should be my walk for the night as I got pretty hot as its a long walk... but nah think I need my usual proper walk.

Today I've been here at the school for one week as I arrived last sun early morning with my brother and dad. We decided we would make a spontaneous trip to Finland, as well as help me with all my stuff. I might not have been the best travel company as I was quiet nervous and had some things on my mind I couldn't shake off. We drove around all day finding things to do and see as I couldn't get my key until 8pm, but they had to leave at 6pm to catch the ferry back. So there I was abandon for 2 hours lol. At least I had a rough over my head. Always try and see the positive in things people!
The first night was the worst though as no one else had arrived and without sounding to pathetic I was all alone! Well is more to it then that... Any who.

2 of my housemates are back later tonight =) It's been really nice and calm here alone for 3 days, but think that was enough. I am off tomorrow as well as I've mentioned, so what to do. Maybe I give the bank an other go.

I pass this church on the way to centrum and been thinking if I should pay a visit now and then, maybe it will help with.. whatever.. Confess all my sins lol.

Talk latha.

Oh ymmie!

Over and out

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