Saturday, 25 August 2012

Good afternoon!
I did not just wake up, been active for a few a hours at least. I got up quiet late though, around 10. Went out a very short run as I couldn't take any more lol. I am so out of shape you wouldn't believe. But you have to start somewhere right?
Had a shower and just had a big breakfast. 2 toast with cheese and avocado (my absolute favourite) and a bowl of yogurt with fruit. Well its a lot for me.

Thought I would do a lot of cooking today and freeze it..

I also have to read these papers we got from school..

I might go out and lay outside and read if the sun is still with us..

Omg what an interesting, amazing day!

Over and out

Ps. Btw the time here is gmt +2 hours, so if you read this from the UK I am 2 hours ahead. D.s.

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