Friday, 24 August 2012

"I like to play"

I started the day quiet late. Although I got up at a reasonable time but I always takes my time before I am ready.
My trip to the centrum did not go as to plan, well sort of. Needed to sort out something at my bank but mission failed. Headed to buy some shoes that's required here, then the supermarket for some food. Thought I would make most of being alone this weekend. Can be pretty busy by the stow with 4-6 hungry girls, so gonna cook some stuff and freeze it. For like lunches and stuff. At some occasions we will all cook some big dinner together. Other day we all made tacos, was lovely!

If it's not rainy will head out for a walk. This time longer and an other route. Wanted to see this Pegasus stable they got here.

Something I've been thinking about what you can do here, if you're lucky, is to sign up for an assistant dog. You'll receive a Labrador puppy which you will train and care for full time for a year (not sure if it's a study year which ends in June sometime, or a full year, august to august). Before I know all the facts and thought this all through it seems like a lovely idea. But it should be for right reasons and stick to your schedule. Will be hard though to have to hand it over after a year. Will get back to you with the correct information lol.

Now I will think of something to do...

Here's my day:

My 'I like to play' T-shirt

Over and out
xx Rebecca

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