Friday, 9 January 2009

1 Day, 2 Calls

Have been to lazy to write any longer stories. I put up the song of the day last night any way. That doesn't take long hehe.

Whats been cracking?

I've been applying for a lot of jobs. Mostly online. It's easier and most jobs require that.
I spent the night with Nina this Tuesday and we hit Westfield Wednesday. Just looking around and I applied for some jobs. Ok, only 2 what I can recall. All Saints where I really want to work actually, and an other store I don't really remember the name of. Something with "hug bear" or bear hug" any who.
Nina helped me buy some fruits and vegetables. You know cheap at one of these markets. It was very heavy to carry home. Interesting? I know!

Yesterday I spend most of the day applying for jobs, and i actually got a call from a restaurant where they need some1 to promote fr them, selling their food and such outside. It's money any way. So now I'm waiting to meet them. Have an 4pm appointment. Thought I would go to La Senza first and get my P45 or if it is the P46 copy.... but lazy as I am I thought I would go there after the interview. I also got a call from a photo shoot company, or how to say, which supplies people for clubs where they take photos and selling them.. I think. There is any way good money. But they said they would send me an email about the details, cause I'm meeting them Monday, but I haven't got any. It's usually problem with my email since I have 2 underscores which can be confused with just 1!
I just called them but the line is busy.

I borrowed some OC DVDs from Nina which I use as company hehe..

I think I will go out 2night as well!!!
Since I'm not working I have the energy now and Johanna is off this weekend so i thought Why not?

I've been trying to lift and upload this blog with a picture on the top. My dog Rasmus.

Later i will put The song of the day!

Speak soon.

Over and out.

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