Tuesday, 13 January 2009


I have not been to lazy today.
Don't know if I said before, but this photographer job I applied for called me back and wanted me to come in for an interview, and I was supposed to have an email sent to me with details, but I didn't get any.
I emaild them back and applied yet again and I finally got an answer to come in 2day for an interview. So last night I made a test round to see where it was located and how long it takes. I usually do that!

So today had the interview and the job seems allot of fun and you can end up making good money. I just have to wait and see now then.

Afterwards I actually went to Westfiled.
I applied for some more jobs and headed out my CV, and went back to All Saints.
They basically said they would call in the end of this week if anything would come up.

The restaurant job that I also had an interview with called me actually some nights ago and said they would go with someone else with mire experience. Don't know if that is true but I do really appreciate that she called to let me know.

What now...?

Trying to download some Top model but the Internet is so slow.

Tonight I am actually going to Crystal. I was asked by Tatiana to dance there tonight but I wasn't sure if I was ready... maybe some other time. But doing that is good money.
Good money for a short time!

Over and out.

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