Sunday, 4 January 2009

A good Weekend

My parents just left.
It's been a great time having them here actually. Unfortunately I was working the whole Saturday. When I have family visiting, I want to be able bee free and spend the whole time with them. Feels like I'm missing out if I'm not with them... any way.
They arrived New years eve night. I worked the day after but meet with them afterwards. We decided to go to my place and have some tea and bread and cheese. That was good.
I had Friday off luckily. During the day we tried to sort out wit my job hunting, so I had to print out some CV's and then meet them at Harrods, since I've heard they might look for stuff at some departments. and I feel like I want to step up a bit in the retail area and aim higher if that makes sense? I want to be more professional and fancier some how.
Friday night we had ticket reservations to the Spamalot musical, and that was The Funniest I have ever seen. It was hilarious. Now, I have seen the movie and I love the Monthy Pyton team so I understood what it was about.
I will definitely see it again, when my economy is a bit better and on track, but I can really recommend it.
I worked Saturday but meet with my parents afterwards and went to their hotel and watch some tele and ate chocolate hehe... that was nice.
2day has been Freezing. I mean it was one the coldest days I have experienced here. Maybe I could have had more and especially better clothes, but still.
We tried to find a cafe or something to hide and get warm in, but everything was closed or had an late opening. We went to a Starbucks any way and tried to make time go, cause they had to leave in the afternoon but we didn't really had time to go explore things.
We ended up at my place were its warm.
And now they left. I missed them already, and the thing is I never had any problem with homesickness or missing any of the family. I've been fine on my own. But this time I felt something. Huh, maybe I do have a heart after all... =P
From now on, since I don't have a job, I have to first of all look for a new one of course, but also try to fix with my money and tax and shit. I've been paying way to much tax which I could get a refund for. It can be a lot of money we are talking about, and I need every pound if not every pence I can get. So lets do that shall we?
F*ck I don't have my blackberry, or a decent camera, so I can upload my pictures I would have been taken during this weekend when they were here.
Any who...
Talk to you later.
Over and out

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