Friday, 16 January 2009

Should I really consider who I want as my support?

There is so much going on right now, both emotion and practical stuff, that I don't know where to begin or tell you...
My photographer job last night was fun, but it was kind of hard, harder then I thought. Mainly cause it was so quite and very empty with people. Maybe a good night to start and practice.
I sold 4 pictures any way which is good consider how empty it was, I was the only one selling and in fact my first night.
Tonight we were supposed to work in Crystal, but I think they will change it to Vendome. Don't mind which actually.
For a short period of time now has been very hard on me. I was about to be homeless with no money.
Where the F is my support group? That's right, home in Sweden.
It's from there I've been getting help and support from. It's kind of funny how desperate I started to become and how the situation really became serious, and my help came from an other country!!
I am usually an open an understanding person who doesn't like to be in the way or really ask for help.
Can people just swallow their pride or what ever is keeping them from help, and just help!
I have been having different kinds of people over at my place cause they needed somewhere to stay, without any payments to me, just a simple thank you! And I live in a small studio for Christ sake....
Something else that I in fact don't need right now is negativity.
I don't have a choice right now how I'm living my life. I need to get every money that I can get.
I will and can't afford to turn a job opportunity down just because it doesn't pay enough.
I have a plan now any way how I will manage and how everything will be alright.
Thank you Ingela and Lennart of Sweden!
Over and out.

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