Monday, 12 January 2009

Our last summer


Just thought to myself how lazy I really am! And i really hate it... I really have a problem with just get on with it, do stuff, get my ass out of the wagon...

My plan was to go to Westfiled today, to check up un the All Saints job I applied for last week. It is better to go back and show that you are really interested in the job. But of course something comes in the way as usual. I set the alarm on 9.30, and I woke up at about 11am. Can't even remember hearing the alarm or that I was turning it off.
But that is not an excuse, Westfiled closes at 10pm weekdays, so I still have time of course. Its just that is raining... so I don't know. Will see if it will clear up.

Any who...

This weekend then...
I went to Dolce this Friday as I said, and 3 words; Same. Old. Shit.
People are rude, don't understand you, I really feel like I am in the wrong place. There are no people like me in there, that I have meet any way...
But I a different in a good way. I would never change myself so I could be more like them or give them what they want.
But the bottom line for the night was that I was accused of my friend Tatianas stolen Blackberry. I just had one thought in mind at that time; Fuck No! So I left, without saying goodbye to anyone.
When i don't want to take shit from anyone, I don't!
I just walk away.

But as I had promise my (more of a) friend Johanna that we would go out Saturday as well, I went out.
We talked and planned on going to a place call Whisky Mist (Aguilera was visiting that place when she was visiting London), but we changed our minds to Dolce actually. I didn't get any answers from the guy we were supposed to go with and Dolce had their closing night so we choosed Dolce.
That night wasn't good either, cause we couldn't find any promoters we knew that was hosting a table. (I really don't like that actually, girls who stand by the tables and get free drinks, I feel very cheap. I so want to have my own money and buy mo own drinks, yet another thing that is different to me and all the other people out).
We also went to Cuckoo where Johanna knew this Prince, which he actually is, who bought us drinks.

I slept at Johanna's and the day after we watched Mamma Mia the movie, which I hadn't seen. And to be honest, it wasn't that good as I thought it would be. I just liked the music and the fact that it was a musical.
Therefor the song of 2day yesterday.
Sometimes when i gear a song fro the first time i either fall in love with it right away or its just another song. This one I really liked.
It's usually the melody and how the people are singing it that makes it special.

Later I will upload the song if this day.

Over and out.

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