Monday, 26 January 2009

Settled down?

Right now I'm sitting in my new flat my new room. Its quite exiting.
Haven't been able to wright lately, or had the energy. I have been moving my stuff all week, a little every day. I still have one last thing I have to get 2mrrw when I will get my deposit and hand over the key.
2night I actually made 2 turns. Thought I would get the last things on this last turn, with all the sheets and stuff. But Nooo.
My body is so achen. I carried one heavy backpack, my photographer suitcase, one heavy bigger bag with shoes, and my heavy handbag....

any who...

Think I will get back to you later, since I have some much to catch up on and I don't like writing a lot every time.

Now I will grab something to eat, cause I am very hungry, and then go to sleep. Have to go up pretty early 2mrrw.

Over and out.

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