Friday, 9 January 2009

It's been about 2months...

... since I've been out, but 2night I Am!

Don't know why I have come around really, but since I don't have a job at the moment (that's right, just for the moment) I thought I could. Have more energy now, and it feels like I already mentioned this 2day... what ever.

I'm going to meet my friend Tatiana at this club Dolce that's closing down.

Maybe I should tell you what I used to do, you know, when I was a regular party person.

One word is enough: Promotion!

I tried to promote all these different nightclubs in London. It was a lot fun, still is I guess.

It can be very dangerous if you don't know what you are doing or learn the business, as it actually is.

The things you get when you promote, is free entrance (girls that is) and free drinks at the table the promoter is hosting. I learned pretty early how it all worked and how people act and behave. I really hate arrogant, rude and bitchy people. Guys and girls! But I sticked with it. As long as I am nice and don't let it all get over my head and think I'm better then any1 else, it was fine.

Why I stooped going out was a mix between that I was really fed up with that kind of people. I just thought I don't need it and want it anymore. At the same time I just got a new job that I really had to focus on and get some money, stay sharp and fresh.

When I did this promotion work in the clubs I stooped drinking.

I was going out every day, apart from Sundays and Tuesdays. Mainly cause I didn't know any good clubs those nights. If I were going out almost every night I couldn't bee drinking every time. So I made a packed with myself; only drink on special occasions, that is Halloween, New years, birthday parties and so on... but that hasn't gone to well. That means I haven't been drinking on any of those times. It didn't really happen Halloween so I wanted to make up for it the next time I was out, which turned out to be the worst of them all.
I had a good time and all but I got sooo drunk and one of the mangers, whom I know from the club I was a regular to, asked me to leave cause I was to drunk. But of course I didn't. Actually the owner himself didn't want me to leave so... but I was fed up anyway so I left, when I noticed I lost my Blackberry!!! I actually figured I would be better off without it, but it was all the contacts and nr on it that matter... any who, I kind of slipping way here...

I went out the weekend after that, but it was also after that weekend I had enough.
And during this whole time I've been working, and only working, I haven't been out what so ever. I haven't touched a drink (apart from that Bailyes at Ninas). I Love Bailyes!

There is actually one person I missed from that life.
Tatiana! I will see you 2night.

That was my life more then 2 months ago.
2night it's all coming back! =P (for know any way)

Over and out.


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