Thursday, 29 January 2009

If you seek Amy

Ha-ha hi-hi ha-ha ho! Britney Spears, that's whats on my speakers right now. Spears new song If you seek Amy - F.U.C.K.M.E hehe
My sister arrived last night. She will be staying here until Sunday. Feels like not a lot of full days since I have to work the weekend nights. Maybe she can come with hehe.
My photographer work could go better. My last weekend was really not my weekend. Friday ws very quite though so didn't sold to much, but Saturday was so busy I should have sold and achieved a lot more. I just lost the energy and the feeling for it because of it.
This Friday will be some special celebrity event so I should do good. I have to. Will really work.
But I have been sick which doesn't get any better if I just running all night long. Barely had any voice this Monday. Just trying to rest until the weekend. I really wanted to take my sister out tough... well well..
Here's a picture of me in action while working.

See me?

Any who....

My sister is out now any way, meeting friends, which she apparently doesn't do enough at home =P
I feel like staying home, well I really don't feel like it but want to get better before im of running again. Been looking for some pubs and bars on the Internet that's close to my new place so I can apply for a job there. I also been applying for a lot of jobs on the internet.
If I want to make some money I really have to work harder on the photographer job.
They just fixed the gas in our house so we have heat now. before was unbearable. I or 2 things I can't stand or handle is to be cold, especially in your own house, you have no were to go and get warm. An other thing I can't stand is when you badly have to pee and there is no toilet around.

I like my new place. Its more like a home since its a big house with your own room and a big kitchen.Its just me and 1 par that lives on the first floor who I share one bathroom with, then we all share the kitchen. There have never been any rush there yet.

Haha you will see some pics I made though a website called
You put your own face/head in an already existing picture, can be a celebrity, tv, advertising, art and so on.
Me and my sister made one with the Mean girls stars.
I am the first and the 3rd. told my sister she really looked liked a man in hair haha.

I'm a smoker.

Tha Sis! I think this one is really great actually.
Over and out.

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