Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Happy New Year!!!!

Ok, my excuse would be the lack of Internet connection and a little bit of time, why I haven't been writing.

Whats been cracking?
Christmas has happened, but it wasn't really any Christmas for me. Just an other day home after work, but I did had the day after free which I can't remember spending it.

Any who...

My parents are gonna come 2night. they will arrive abt 10pm and I were supposed to meet up with them and do something, cause it is New years eve 2day by the way, but since I'm working at 10am 2mrrw I thought it was to late. They will come 2mrrw after work instead.

Nothing much has happened. Been working, no social life so far, which I didn't want cause I really had to focus on working. Apparently its the Christmas temps last week this week. Mine is on Saturday.
Hopefully I will get the 7am-12pm shift, since that girl is leaving.

Any way...

Now I'm in my bed just been eating some toasts and hot chocolate. Gonna watch some One Tree Hill now....

Wanted to just write something before the next year hehe..

Speak to you soon.

Over and out.

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