Friday, 5 December 2008

No more breakfast for me!

I overslept a little bit so I didn't have time to go down to my landlord's and eat, so now I'm sitting on my bed drinking tea, and only tea. Waiting for Top Model of course hehe.

Either I will ask my landlord if I can take some sandwich with me, or buy some. Think I do have a £5 note... else I can't eat 2day.

But I saw my pizza in the fridge and I can't Wait to eat it.. think I'm gonna eat it 2night mmm....

When you are broke and really don't eat much or anything sometimes, its easy to get some sort of eating disorder. Your body is used to not get any. That's how I feel. Sometimes I don't mind Not to eat!! =/ I did wanna lose wait anyway. I wanted to slim my legs and get them a little thinner. Thus is something I get mad about when people around me tells me, if they Stoped eating just so they could lose wait. Which is not the best way. You have to exercise and eat allot but of the good and healthy stuff.

I person like me who doesn't eat so much recently, should feel some kind of symptoms one would think. Like headaches, dizzy, no energy... not me really. At least not headaches which I use to have allot and really bad ones. I did tho feel kind of week and no energy at work yesterday. Sometime my eyes just wondered around and i didn't know what I was looking for or did. But it is now very busy at work. Its allot of people running around the shop, and it is a small one.
Is it the next picture of me?

Ok, now I'm gonna watch Top Model and the fix myself ready.

Over and out


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