Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Long time no Read!

I feel I only have one person to apologise to, which is Nina. She actually asked me to update my blog. Yey I have a fan.

Not gonna be the person who says sorry for not writing in a while, I write when I feel like it. but I do prefer to write a little bit every day rather then come back after a few days and have allot to say and catch up.

Well whats been happening, what been cracking?

I've been working and it really becomes busy now and I really feel some frustration towards some people. I mean, its Not hard to pick up your stuff after you tared it down, or put back your items if you changed your mind of purchase them.

I don't know, is it?

One day one of the contestants from the show X Factor, which I Do Not follow (I don't have a TV but from other reasons), came to visit our store. She was kind of noticeable. All fixed with allot of make-up, fancy fur-vest, leather pants and high heals. But I didn't know who she was, until my Manager came in the store and asked "Where's the celeb?"

When the "celeb" walked out there were paparazzis outside taking pictures. It was kind of surreal. You know that kind of picture you only see in magazine or in some home-made video when there is a famous person with all the photographers. I thought it was kind of fun to see. But some people can't handle famous people. They scream jump up and down, cry and really trying to get a close up. I will only do that for One person, and one person only.

Miss Christina Aguilera.

I love the 2 in the middle best of her all outfits, hehe.

Any who...

Right now I'm in my bed eating, or drinking, soup. I actually bought some food now. Felt I had some money for it. And I started to feel hungry hehe.

I become to feel that for me, buying food is luxury

Can you imagine I have no tea left!? At least not green tea...

2Day my thoughts go out to one of my colleagues who just lost her friend. R.I.P.

Ok, I will round it up.

This week I'm working 12-9pm. Its not to bad actually. As long as I'm not to cold or have a bad headache.

2Day I started to feel pain in me knee tho. I had knee problem since I played football when i was younger. Well well....

Gonna watch some Top Model now, and I have a donut I'm gonna eat =)

Over and Out


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