Thursday, 4 December 2008

I Really have No imagination....

I am very tired right now. My whole body feels very heavy, and I just feel so unfresh. With the make-up and the hair... after a whole day And a week of work you feel very dirty. Its like you haven't showered and not really looked after you........ which I don't think I have actually. There is no time.
Like this week, I finish at 8pm, i get home at about 9pm, sitting by the computer, blogging, watching top model, and the time goes, and you have to go to bed, and get up at about 7-8am. I am to tired anyway to bother do anything when I get home. What I really should do now is to curly my hair and sleep on it so its big 2mrrw. Thought I would have a head band 2mrrw at work.

I really can't wait for the weekend when I'm really gonna relax. Not in the since that I will sleep all day. I want to do stuff and really used the weekend. (I feel I use the word Really allot hehe).

When I didn't have any job for about 2-3 months, I didn't do anything. Your friends were working (like you are supposed to) and I didn't have any money (I still don't) and everything you do here will cost you. The only thing I could do is go for a walk, which I like but it hasn't been to much of that lately.

What I ate 2day was the sandwich I got yesterday from one of the girls I'm working with for breakfast, and the other half (hehe) for lunch.So really, 2 day I had 1! sandwich.

You know its weird, I could be more hungry, well I Am but not starving. Guess my stomach is now used to get... well nothing hehe. But Ok enough about that....

Well I am so tired and don't even know what I am writing hehe. So I will leave you all for now.

I will get back to you later and put up some pictures of me actually. How shallow that may sound. But just the look of me through the times, if you are interested in a little more about me.

This is my work logo. You can visit the webpage at
(simple as that i think)
Over and out


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