Saturday, 6 December 2008

woke up at abt 10am. Took a shower and washed my hair so i felt very fresh. Then I had to see how much money I had on my Swedish bank account and if my dad had transfered (which I will pay back) so I could pay my rent.

I desided I would pay rent 2day, when its actually on monday, so the same thing wouldn't happen again when I couldn't pay rent the last time, in time anyway.

I had a cheese burger with fries as well. I got so full. A whole burger for my little stomach hehe....

One of my neighbours stoped by. She is from Australia and told me she hadn't seen her family or country in 4 years!! I was quite shocked. She travels alot, and is going to Sweden and Poland for Christmas and new years. I got kind of jealous abt the Sweden part...

Any who.

She toked me to some cheep shops where I bought fruits and vegetables and some sanitary stuff. Water and yogurt at Sainsburys.

Now she is making some food for me actually, and she makes bread.

Wish I was good in the kitchen. I really feel like making bread and feel like a housewife. My mum makes the best bread. They taste best when they are fresh from scratch.

Well don't have to much of interesting things to write, so....

I am not going out after all. My friends would, but I just became to old for that stuff. Feels like I lost alot of my will to alot of stuff. I just work now. Trying to make a living.

I might go to westfield 2mrrw with my friends Johanna ( and Milly. I always want to go there cause when I did a tryal at a other job I saw this guy working at the opposite shop that was very cute. I started to notice him, as did he. I've been there once after that and saw him again... so maybe 2mrrw I will make my move lol...

I feel I lost my ability to write as well and feels like my neighbor's gonna pop by any time now so I better go. Just got a text from her actually.. hehe

So,this is my friend Johanna

She use to be blonde but is now like me =)

Over and out


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