Saturday, 13 December 2008

One done, One to go!

Talking about the weekend. Feels like this one was moving so fast. To fast!
I was supposed to gone to Nina's work 2day, well I did but I overslept a little bit so I couldn't spend as much time there as I wanted.
I put the alarm at 9am, I snoozed till 11am and thought I just would rest, when I actually could have gone up. The next time I woke up the time was 12.30 pm!!!
I panicked, and felt sooo bad. I wanted to be there early. I rushed up, washed my hair (which I regretted immediately, cause it was so unnecessary), got dressed, put on make-up and piled up my clothes that I needed hand in for wash.
I don't think I have ever got ready that fast before, consider how much I had to do. I was out of the door about 13.10pm.

The weather was horrible. It was raining and windy. I had to hold my umbrella and a huge bag of clothes. Luckily I don't have to far to the laundry.

I bought some food with me that me and Nina could eat. I figured she would be hungry and wanted to be nice and give her a little something after all she been giving me, food wise.

I didn't arrive to late after all.
I just love it there. It feels like its a place to go just to chill out and get some peace and quite.
We ate and talked about some real and important stuff, and fun stuff hehe.
I watched One Tree Hill.
Nina was working.

Now I trying to consider if I should shower now or in the morning..... I any way have to go to bed. And in this writing min I'm downloading some Top Model. Can you imagine?
I started to watch the very first cycle (as its called) but that one felt so old and bad so I jumped to cycle 3. Now I know who the winner is, but I just enjoy to watch the show.

It really got me to want to become a model. I kind of always had that as a top priority in my life, but it is recently I really had a passion and interest for it. I've been sending photos and my details to some model agencies... so we'll see!

I don't know...

Should I...?

Can I model?

No, I will shower and do my SPA treatments 2mrrw, as I usually do.

I rub all fake tan of. Of my body (which I don't have any at the moment) and my face, putting some face mask on.

Cut an file nails, shave my legs... and so on and so on.

My f*cking Internet doesn't want to work sometimes, and its really frustrating when you are trying to download something that's stops half the way or that is almost finished.

Over and out.


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