Sunday, 7 December 2008


Last night I had dinner with my neighbor, or she cooked for me rather.
It was sone kind of stue that was very good, and bread she made very easily from scratch.

We talked allot about nothing and everything. She's been travelling allot and told me everything she's been through and done, and all the places she visited. Of course she didn't tell me about all the places she's been in, but enough for me to get very Inspired.

It made me want to do all of those things as well. Just grab your things and get on the road. Backpack in Europe.

I never really gave the backpacking and travelling thing allot of thought in the past, but it sure open my eyes last night.

I really like to walk, whether its power walk or hiking, and she told me about a place in Spain were there is this hiking path you can go. If you walk the whole way it will take you 1 month.

All the food she told me about. I really love food, especially foreign an when you are in an other country.

Lately I noticed I get Inspired from other people allot. Guess I'm getting older hehe, but in a good sense.

I like to see the true meaning of life and make a different. That's why I'm kind if sick of the whole party thing, I guess.

I want to see the world and what it has to offer. Other people, their culture, their food.

I think that's how you end up with your ideas. Allot of it is from especially other people.

You see what people do. You like it and want to do the same thing, but then perform it in your own way.

You see what people are wearing. You like it and want to wear the same thing, but design it to your own.

Maybe I feel I have done my part here in London for now. Of course I think I will stay a bit longer, cause I Do like London and I have a job now, and have to make some more money, but still, the idea of not know where you are going or what you will end up to do is kind of tempting.

To get Inspired from someone or something is not to copy or not have a will of your own.
One of the things is to maybe get to know yourself better, see what kind of abilities You have, see the world and things in an other perspective.

To get Inspired!
Not to Mimic!

That is way Christina Aguilera's new perfume is called Inspire.

She gets Inspired from all kinds of directions in her life. Mostly to her work.

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