Sunday, 14 December 2008

I have No Name or Imagination what so Ever

If 2day would have been about at least 6 months ago, I would have felt awful with the biggest anxiety. I always hated Sundays. I love them at the same time I hate them.
I love them cause it is an other free day for you, if you are not working of course. You can sleep long in the morning.
I hare them cause its the last day of the weekend and its just getting nearer Monday and a whole new week to go through.
But I actually feel good. I don't have anxiety or Sunday regrets... Don't mind going to work actually. Of course i Love when the weekend is upon us hehe, but my job is fine (so far). As long as I don't have a bad headache or being to cold I just keep working.
That is a Big step for me I'll tell ya.
I always hated to work, whatever that has been. I really don't like people and that kind of costumer service.When they come up to me and asks for favors. But in this environment I don't mind people. I actually like helping them what to buy and give advise. Especially when the guys buys for their girlfriends and wives.
Who doesn't like it when they walk out of the shop satisfied with a smile in their face?
2day I have been picking up my laundry. trying to buy some cheap food and vegetables.
I've been emailing some model agencies and got a reply back wanted me to sign with them.. so we'll see. not telling you ,ore or which agency it is.
I've been cooking lunch for 2mrrw. Rise with mussels and scrimps in coconut milk. I love that.
Thanx to my mum.
So now I'm in my bed were I been spending most of my day in. Should round it up, casue I want to go to bed soon so I have a long sleep as I will be working 11am-8pm next week. I prefer to finish early then late. And I also have to go to the bank 2mrrw morning and cash in my paycheck I got from work, and wash my hair, so I have to get up early hehe.

Over and out.

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