Thursday, 11 December 2008


Not much has happened since last night and the latest blog.. hehe..
We have a winner in America's next top model cycle 8, I think it was. So now move on to cycle 7, hehe I'm moving backwards.

Just sitting in my bed right now waiting to go to work.I woke up early cause I had to watch my hair, and apparently either fixed myself very fast or I woke up To early, cause now I'm having some time on my hands, and what's not better to use that time then pop by and write in my blog!

Its almost weekend again and I'm so exited yet again. Love the weekends. This time I hope I will use it more the the last one. I hope I can pay a visit to Nina's job. ( I love it there. Its quit, no people, I can watch some shows. Ok, maybe I should say what see does so it will draw your picture easier. She works at the Swedish channel 5.

Think I have to round it up yet again so I won't stress my way to work when I Did have allot of time on my hands.

Over and out

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