Friday, 5 December 2008

Weeeekend =)

I have never longed for a weekend this much as this week. I feel really shattered.

2day was my worst day at work. Its really starting to get busy with the holidays coming up. And I'm getting so irritated and mad at the costumer. Its not that hard to just pick up after yourself or even hang your stuff back. That will make our job so easier and make it look better. I know that is our job to do, but still.... I don't mind really fixing and making the shop floor tidy, its just the idea that people Don't think!

This morning was the worst part of the day. As I said, I didn't have time to go downstairs and eat breakfast, but was planning o taking something with me from him (my landlord), but I was running late and didn't want to risk being alot late. So I had to take some pounds I actually had and buy a sandwich and some fruit for lunch. So without breakfast I felt so week and no energy, a little dizzy and just didn't know what I was doing at times.

But now I just stuffed my pizza I got. Thought I could save half for like 2mrrw, but I just couldn't resist hehe.

I actually thought if going out 2mrrw. Never on a work day, but way not 2mrrw?

I really have a color theme 2day. Trying to spice it up here a little bit.

I lost my phone awhile ago (my pink blackberry) when I was out and getting to drunk.... and I wanted to say its a shame I don't have the very good camera that one had. That way I could have upload pictures straight away. Now I just have my old ones and from Internet.

This is Me and my best friend Nina at my 21st birthday, which is the 28Th of April.

We ate some very good burgers near her work. And she had bought a little candle that the staff put in the ice cream or what it was we had.

It was sooo sweet and I laughed so much.

Over and out


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