Thursday, 18 December 2008

Four done One to go

2mrrw is Friday man!
I sometimes loose the track of the days, I just work, get home, sleep and up again for work.
The days and my time at the moment just flows 2gether.
I even forgot that it is in fact Christmas next week. I don't really have any Christmas spirit, maybe cause I'm not going home... My parents are coming and visit me on New Years eve any way =)) We are gonna eat dinner that night, with my friend Nina. I'm working till 8pm I think, but they are coming kind of late..
You know the packet they send me as a Christmas gift?!
I've been waiting for it and thought it Would take some time. But then my mum tells me it has been delivered to the receiver 11Th f December.
1 Week Ago!!!!
Where is my packet? I get very worried now, cause there are some food, a sweater I really wanted that my mum made herself and some xtra Christmas gift they send.
My landlord closed his cafe cause I think he is having an operation, but can't remember when he would be back. If there is any mail and packets you get, he gets first and then puts it on the stairs in the hall.
But since he is not here, since I don't know when, I really wonders who got my packet!
Some1 has it! It said its been signed for and delivered.
Gonna check that 2mrrw.

Any who...

I was supposed to write and tell about all the costumers that we got that I hate.
I really hate people!
No some are really nice.
2day there was one guy that blessed me cause I helped him finding a new pairs of underwear cause he's been told an other price then what it actually was, and he didn't want to stand in the long cue again as he did before, so I helped him to the other one with no line.
I didn't thought it was that big deal, but he said "God bless you"!
An other customer (and I really don't hope my managers or some1 is reading this, which i really doubt) tipped me £5 cause I helped him with some things. I was so suprised and it went so fast. He was very sneaky and fast about it, cause I don't think I am allowed to accept anything from costumers.
I am really trying now not to loose my temper and get rude and angry with the costumers when they are a pain in the ass and just rude to me. before I could give them a little something back, but now I just suck it in and breathe and keep helping them.. don't know why really. Either I really growned, or I actually cares for this job.
I believe you do get your reword at the end if you are a nice person. All that matters is how you are, and don't care about others. That is theirs problem.

Round it up.

Over and out.

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