Monday, 1 December 2008

Good evening!

Pretty much just got back from work and just sitting in bed drinking tea (my new favorite thing to do) and eating some croutons.. you know the small breads you have in salads? Since I am very poor at the moment i really can't buy any food. Literally.
Luckily I have my landlords cafe downstairs. Don't know if I would have made it otherwise... any way...

Now, some quick facts about me:

Name: Rebecca Morner
Age: 21 (28-04-1987)
Live: London, UK
Born: Stockholm, Sweden
Hair: Long brown
Eyes: Blue
Eyelashes: long
Lips: Small pinkish
Height: 5'8 (175 cm)
Shoe size: 6 (39-40)
Nails: Short
Boobs: Small
Ass: Big

one little sister 18
one big brother 24
one half big brother mid 30
and the recently deceased dog Rasmus (which I will get back to)

I moved to London a little more then 1 year ago now (early Sept 2007) with my friend Nina.
I was really fed up and simply bored with what Sweden had to offer, which was nothing.
There was no really fun night life, and Stockholm is supposed to have a very good reputation with what bars and clubs have to offer, but id didn't do anything for me in the end.
There were no opportunities and the life kind of just stood still. I also wanted to meet new people and friends. Here, every person you meet does something that can be good for your career, and can help you in some way.

To make it quick, I first got a job at s.k Mailboxes-etc, which is kind of like the post office, that just was killing me. I sticked for about 7-8 months before I got a promotion job with the Swedish cider kopparberg (I think I would have left it anyway at that time even if I wouldn't have got the promotion job).
Included 8 Swedish people, touring around England and Scotland to promote and sell this product. That was a lot of fun (in the beginning at least). We had great hours (I thought) that was evening and night shifts, and we got to travel and stay for free wherever we staid. I got to learn to drive on the left side, which was terrifying in the beginning.
We made alot of money as well. £500 a week and it was just Thursdays-Sundays.
Don't wanna be to long...there is some details that I will tell you'll later..

But that job finished in August... and I Just got a new job!! So I have not been working for about 3 months. How the hell can one survive for 3 months without a job in this city? One of the most expensive in the world! It git me!

But I got a job at a lingerie branch called La Senza. This is the first job I have ever had that I don't mind going to, basically. Yet, knock knock on wood.
I always have this anxiety when going to work. Never liked working, go up early in the morning and knowing when you get there, you're stuck.

(This is a lot of text)

Any who...

I'm trying to upload some images and pictures, but it won't let me. Its more fun when there is something to look at rather then just a looong text running through.

I might come back 2night again, but I feel I have to round it up.
Now you who don't know me, now know a little more what I am about and where I am from.

Over and out.


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