Tuesday, 2 December 2008

A quicky before work ;)

Wanna start by saying: "Thank you Nina for welcoming me to the blogworld. Who would have thought? I am so suprised myself. With only 4 post and its going so well... well, i wanna thank....."
=P see what I did there?
Here is Nina's blog http://ninaslondon.blogg.se/ Read it andweep!

Just had some breakfast, which I was not in the mood for, didn't feel "peckish" for it, yet I am very hungry.. no shit, I'm not eating. I go to bed hungry, which is one of the worst feelings. Like going to bed with the burst to pee. So uncomfortable!
But don't know how many times or much more I can go down there and eat his food for free. Even tho he told me I could come down when ever I wanted, and always asks me if I want tea of coffe when i stop by... But I don't like being in the way and want people do stuff for me, if they haven't offered themselfes. That is way I hardly ever asks for help or favors. It has nothing to do with neither pride or the fact I wanna feel independent.. I think.. I just dont like or want people to basically do stuff for me or clean up My mess.

Any who.... I took half the sandwich and chips I had, and made it for lunch later at work.
Not bad nah? hehe

Trying to upload both images and videos but haven't really learned this just yet.. don't know how I can upload a song or video from youtube that I would like... I can paste the site ay way: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ymCN2PjDa5g It is a swedish girl that won the Idol in 2005, I think. I just got stuck with this song first time I heard it. The first note and I fell i Love!

I know my friend Johanna upload from youtube.. have to ask her. here is her blogspot btw: http://johannabengtsson.blogspot.com/ Read ut and weep!

No i have the burst of going to the toilet... and have to think about the chours, which is going to work (as we say in Sweden when you really have to get going).

Well I get back 2night!

Over and out.


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