Thursday, 4 December 2008

America's nex Top Model

In my bed now, drinking tea and the juice and half of the sandwich I was giving yesterday. Have to save the other half for lunch.

Think I will have the pizza for the weekend and really spoil my self with food hehe.

Now I'm waiting for the Top Model episodes are gonna be ready from YouTube. I've been watching that allot nowadays. Since I don't have a TV or movies, I have to find something else to watch. Before it was "Girls of the playboy mansion" but couldn't find anymore episodes... then some other movies that you could download from YouTube, like the Scary Movies, Not another teen movie, and one I can't remember the name.

What i like with Top Model is more their assignments, makeover and the photo shoots. Not as much the actually show with all their nasty and bitchy fights, which is really annoying to hear. I couldn't actually get myself to live with a bunch of girls like that. I don't really like the girly type, you know then moaning, shallowness, rude, mean..... I am quite chilled and want mostly peace and quite.. haha I sound like a old flame, but of course I have my moments as well when I wanna spice it up.

Ok, I have to round up now, cause I think they are ready and I have to start watching and get ready to go to work..

Over and out


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