Monday, 15 December 2008

One done, four to go!

As I mentioned,I like to work and do it well when I'm either not to cold or have a bad headache.
2Day was one of the worst headaches I've had. When I usually have them its for small parts of the day or not to bad ones, but this one was bad All day Long.

It was h-o-r-r-i-b-l-e!

I couldn't work properly and felt so week and just walked around like a zombie. Some of my work people noticed I wasn't as I usually are. I looked very tired and exhausted.

Its worst when I have to bend down to pick up something or when I'm moving to fast, which I have to do most parts of the days.

Think I had a small attack of migraine. Its genetic in my family, my dad has them very bad and often, and my sister had some as well.

(I do inherit the worst from my parents, hehe apart from the looks =P)

I couldn't take it so I was allowed to go to Boots (a pharmacy) and get some painkillers.

I toked them straight away and I Did feel a little better afterwards.

On top of it all when I finished my shift and just wanted to ran home, I was asked to stay about 30 min longer to help with the clothing. Thoughtful as I am, I said sure. I mean, i feel bad when I say No to a person if they ask for help, or if I would call in sick and so...

I have a big conscience!

Any who...

Now I'm in my bed and just eaten some toasts and made lunch for 2mrrw. Same as 2day; rice with shrimps and mussels. Loves it! hehe.

And watching top model. Can you imagine? =P

Over and out.


P.S Ow shit. I always forget.

I was supposed to congrat my brother who turned 24 last Friday, 12 of December.

Happy Birthday Adam (if you are in fact reading this)

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