Wednesday, 3 December 2008

I have No Name

I was supposed to write this morning as I have done before, so i would get 2 posts a day, but for some reason I coulnd't make it with the time. Think I got up later then usual. I ate some breakfast at my landlords anyway, and he made me a sandwich so I had for lunch.
Tomato and some feta cheese on wholemeet bread. Mmm...

Yesyterday was kind of a sad and depressing writing, and i will continue that road.

I'm a sad person you see... hehe no all jokes aside.

But i was supposed to write about my feelings for christmas this year.

Last year was my first christmas abroad, well I wasn't abroad on Christmas day but my first year not living at home... so last year felt very imprtant for me to go home, which I at first couldn't, because of work, but I got my way anyway.

This year didn't feel as impprtant, since I already celebrated my first Christmas from home At home, if you inderstand what I mean.

But the closer you get and with all the christmas decorations on the streets and christmas song at work, I feel really sad not going home afterall. Christmas is the one and only time a year I actually care about. I love the feeling you get, the decorations your mum makes at home, and don't get me started in the food which is my abslout favorit during Christmas.

As you get older (or at least me) you stop caring about getting alot of Christmas presents. I love to give thou.

My mum called me the other night and was wondering if they wanted me to send stuff to me. I coulnd't really think of anything spec, anything would make me happy. But food would be great hehe. Then she mentioned the spec Christmas candies she does, that made me long for home even more. And all my friends are going home so I will be kind of all alone at Christmas. I think thats even worse then being alone at your birthday. But I can't go cause I have to work, and I really Have to, and I can't afford it anyway. So I'm stuck here.

Any who....

A wondeful thing happend at work 2day. I've been telling some people that I can't really buy any food (or anything for that matter) and I'm totally broke, not cause i like to spread the word, but I will tell them if they ask why I don't eat more for luch for eg.

So one girl asked me if I had any breakfast 2day and she wanted to buy me luch. I was like "No you really don't have to.." But she kept instisted, as did I. So she took me to marks and Spencer and said "Ok, what do you want?" I picked out a very good sandwich, which I love. A double chicken, bacon and avocado. Then she asked me if I wanted some drink, like juice. "Are you kidding?" I asked really suprised. So she bought me a kind of big sandwich, juice, some chips.. oow AND a pizza. "For later", she said.

O my God she made my day. I said I have food for a year now hehe.

God bless her. I said I would give her a little something in the future as well ;) She is pregnant you see...

Right now I'm in my bed, as usuall. I have the best connection to the internet here.. and 2day I am actually drinking tea =P Green tea

O My God look what i just found.
This is the cutest and funniest I have ever heard.
Well since I can't upload the video i will give you the address:
Over and out

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