Thursday, 14 February 2013

Almost there =)

Just been ironing some of my clothes for tomorrow. 
I love to travel and experience new places and countries, but i hate the actual travel part. The flying, the constant dragging your bags lol. So i always get a bit of travel fever, and also a little nervous I guess.

I got home about 19.30 tonight and started my journey at 6am this morning. Bus 1,5 hours, then ferry for a whole 11 hours! So it's a long way I have to go every time I go home, which I do not do because of it.
I had the worst stomach ache, and started to get nauseous at the end of the bus journey! It's just to far to early.

Spend the time on the ferry (in our cabin) sleeping, eating some and watching movies.
Tomorrow at noon I'm out of here lol. I still need to head in to town (down the street) for some last min stuff like sun block and what not.
Also need to shower and wash my hair and prepare myself for the bikini ;)

Talk latha.

Over and out

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