Sunday, 3 February 2013

My eating habits and contents

With my new workout regime comes new food habits (I'm not going to call it a diet since a diet is a changed food scheme to fit your goal for a short period of time). I've changed, added and removed certain products to fit MY digestive, and so that I feel good.

For instance I've removed pretty much all carbs from my intake, like pasta, rice, potatoes, since those products makes my stomach upset and bloated.
Things I've removed that is for fact not good for your body are things like added sugar and bad fat.

Before, I had ice-cream every evening, a whole chocolate bar (200g) in one night at some times and at weekends, sometimes crisp if I felt for it.
I have pretty much always eaten what I wanted to, but what I've chosen to eat has been some what healthy. Now it's just a new extreme.

This is for instance what I like for dinner:

Some kind of meat (pork and chicken is a favourite)

Fried vegetables such as cabbage/red cabbage, broccoli, red peppers, carrots, zucchini, apple is a new favourite (to add some sweetens) and pretty much what you like.

Salt, pepper, chili spices and a tad of creme fraiche to make it more 'saucy' lol.

And that's it =)
Find YOUR favourite ingredients and mix and match.

But remember, everyone has a different need and digestive then the other. 
What I need or choose to eat might not fit your satisfaction.

Thank you! ;)

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