Saturday, 23 February 2013

Sharm El Sheikh part 1

Jeep safari

For one day we went out with jeeps in the desert and drove like mad, visited some Bedouins and was told some stories I found very interesting, drank some tea, had a look at their crafts they make. 
Drove off to ride camels (they were actually dromedary, but they still call them camels) along the beach and it was bloody cold as it was just by the coast and so windy, plus I get cold very easy. But it was an experience. 
Rode to this place called Blue hole, if I remember correctly, where a comet long time ago hit in the water and made a big hole (therefor the name lol). We did some snorkeling anyway and still really cold and I actually cut my ankle on the reef :( I'm ok!

It was really dirty in the desert, well the whole of the place was as they don't seem to have trashcans.

How some of the Bedouins live

Found this poor cute little fella

The big hole if you can see it in the ocean

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