Friday, 1 February 2013

Back on track!

Hit the gym today after school (we finish early on Fridays). Did triceps and back. Really need to strengthen my back out (up?) as it's very week and get soar easily.

This is my plans for the week:

Friday: Triceps, back (done)
Saturday: Bum, backside leg, abs.
Sunday: Biceps, shoulders.
Monday: Front- and inside leg.
Tuesday: Triceps, back
Wednesday: Bum, backside leg.
Thursday: Biceps, shoulders.

I like this workout (I'm really week on this one but like how your muscles appears)

Yes please!

Haven't figured out all the exercises yet, but I always plan before I get there. Think it's important you  know and have plan so you're in control, focused and wont loose any time.

My gym card expires next Thursday, but will of course buy a new one after my holiday! =)
My first goal with the workout was to shape up when I hit the beach in 2 weeks, but you can only do so much in one month so I will just keep getting stronger and fitter for the summer to come!

Over and out

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