Saturday, 23 February 2013

Back to reality :(

So as I guess we all feel a bit ( a lot) down and depressed after returning from a holiday. 
I am bloody depressed and don't want to face reality what so ever. But I know it will pass.
We got back late last night after a long and uncomfortable trip (though which travel IS comfortable?)
The flight was a tad delayed and we had to make a landing on the way to drop of and pick other travellers up.
Tomorrow early morning am heading back to Finland where the land always sleeps lol.

We've had an amazing time though. Don't think I ever laughed so much and better yet so often. Every day several times a day we couldn't stop laughing. In the end we didn't know why. Think we got to much of the sun and not enough water.

At the end I got a bit ill. Cough and soar throat and just general low.

And as with almost every trip you make, you fall in love ;)


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