Thursday, 7 February 2013

Face analysis

I did a face analysis today at the gym. Just went through my skin, what type and what not and did like a mini facial so was really nice.
I bought this mineral salt you use with your wash or with lukewarm water every day on your face (obviously lol).

Today was supposed to be a rest day from the gym bit did a little bit of cardio and just this one exercise for the bum. i can't help it lol. 
I've become paranoid that my bum's gone smaller, and I'm sure it has with all the workout and running and what not, but I want it bigger (of muscles) and definitely not smaller. Just hope it will bulk up eventually.

After the gym (which we skipped one lesson for) we did a trip through this little centrum and found some plastic pockets for my school papers, and 3 books. All Swedish though.

Tomorrow I'm having a all day rest from the gym. We only have lesson till just after lunch so will be a chilled evening.

With this I say Good Night!

For you who don't know, I like cows lol.

Over and out


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