Saturday, 19 June 2010

Just a normal Saturday

So... whats up?
As I said last night I went up at 8am this morning and went for a run for an hour. Then had a quick breakfast and then headed to Nina for a.... well not for a good bye, but a 'see you later'. She's moving home to Sweden tomorrow =( Have not realised or thought about till now...

We moved to London to gether.
We survived our first time her to gether.
We did some pretty awesome things to gether.

And now what. Even tho we did not spend that much time or saw each other that often, you always knew that she was there. In at least the same country. Ok now I'm talking like she passed away lol.
I will see her again in August any way when I am going home for holiday =) 18 days ma friend!

Been studying today as well actually. Well done Rebecca! Thank you very much.

Been all cosy with Johanna now for a while.

Think I'm gonna call it a night and eat some nice yogurt and watch something hehe.
Tomorrow I think I will go to my previous managers wedding =)
Mhm... what to wear?

Over and out

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