Tuesday, 22 June 2010

What is up?

...well my heart rate for one! lol.
Just been out running, and with this weather its making it quite hot. I feel so good doing this. If it would have been a while ago I would just been like "can't be bothered", and "I'll do it 2mrrw", or "I actually have this and that to do".
I used to do power walking before, you know, till I didn't lol. I get bored so easily, and honestly working out is not that fun. Specially if you're doing it alone, even if it can be nice with some 'quite' time with just you and your music.

So, whats cooking good looking?
I start late 2mrrw =( (I prefer to work early and then finish early) so can have a long night =) Even tho someone or something is telling me I should get to bed early... mhm...

Think I'm gonna hit the shower now, it's quite needed, and then make some lunch for 2mrrw, and maybe something for myself for now.
So a very exited evening is on the agenda.

Talk latha

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