Saturday, 5 June 2010

Your subtitle here please!

Just got back from my day trip to the landlord, and apparently he might have a room for me in the next few weeks =) It's a studio flat which I really like. Felt so weird being back there again after so long. Nothing has changed haha.

Was so hot and humid today, wasn't even that sunny, just very hot.
On my way home I stooped by for some food and ice cream (which btw is finished now :/ ) and printed out my course work. My feet were killing me from being so hot and my shoes so tight. Who ever said Converse were comfortable can kiss my a**!

Just have to tell you what happened last night. I was in bed getting ready to fall asleep with my laptop on top of me, and I tried to get comfortable and all of a sudden, somehow, I get the screen corner right on my eye, with all its weight. I got so scared and thought my eye globe were gonna fall out. Hurt like hell. All I got tho was a scratch on the eyelid. Looks very pretty now lol. Of course I couldn't get like a cool black eye that would make it look I was in a fight or something, no it had to be a minor scratch.

Catch you guys latha

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