Sunday, 27 June 2010

Katie: My beautiful face

I am right now watching a reality show on YouTube about a girl who got attacked with acid on her face in London 2008.
Her life was on top and had a bright future with model and TV jobs in her hands.
What I really like about this show and her is that she is still very happy, and even makes jokes about he accident. Like she's not embarrassed of it all, even with the cameras and strangers around.

At the same time it gets me very scared. Even tho the accident was planned by her ex boyfriend and performed a stranger, I cant stop thinking it can easily be a crazy man doing it just to anyone. Like me! I would feel that my life would be over, even tho I'm not making a living out of my face and looks, I don't know how I would make it through.

"I did have these terrible attacks, yeah I do look totally different physically. But I wanna be the woman that got through that, and is now living. Not the woman 'ow she was attacked, it's terrible, don't mention it, and she can't do that anymore ans she doesn't go there'.

I wanna get rid of that and just be Katie!"

Thank you for listening

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