Saturday, 12 June 2010

Migraine runs in my family

Gonna make this abit short, as I am to tired to write the full story and my keyboard is messing up.

This morning at 8am I went for a walk and running to Holland Park again (did it last weekend), and this time I had bought proper running shoes so I'm all set lol.
Takes about 20min to walk there and there I jog slowly 3 rounds which takes about 40min, and then 20min walk home, which equals 1h =)
I got home and got a shower (haha interesting) and had some breakfast. At 1pm I had to go to Nina's leaving party/picnic in Holland Park as she is leaving London :( Haven't really realised it. Had to go to the bank as well but it was to long of a que so skipped it. Do it on Monday.
The picnic was very nice with games but to much sweets lol.

Headed to Westfiled after that and I bought Aguilera's new album Bionic, which I just love! It's a cool/funky/funny sound, and a t-shirt from New look with a horse in. Not to sure about it tho.
Now I'm in bed writing to you and listening to ma sound. Have a headache tho.
Gonna start study soon as well.
Was thinking if I should go to the movies tonight and see Sex and the City, alone as all my friends seen it... or don't want to see it. Maybe it's to late for tonight.

Here is my favorite Bionic so far

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