Saturday, 26 June 2010

Work hard, play less =P

I am totally exhausted. I finished at 6pm today and maybe got home at about 7.30pm. Since then I have not moved from my bed. I've eaten some chocolate and Doritos and yogurt and I am so stuffed now.
It was really exhausting today, and I didn't like it at all. Felt really uncomfortable and weird being there on a Saturday. Plus I was tired from finishing late last night. So no, no more weekend work! Well apart from tomorrow when I will do 6-11pm. Prep for sale =( wow I can't wait for sale lol. Luckily I am only working 4 days this week, as the girl I was covering for today is doing my Friday =) Good luck with that =P

Right now I am really melting. It is so hot!! My window is wide open, and I am wearing nothing.... lol or am I?
I should really get to bed shouldn't I? and be well rested for tomorrow.

What to do tomorrow?
Maybe buy a new dress for work, it's needed.

Over and out

P.s Thought I would test a new type color. Whatcha think? D.s

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